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EPT london highroller
  MezmerizePLZ, Sep 30 2010

Sup yo.

I am trying to sell up to 40% of myself in the EPT London highroller, 20k pound entry fee, which I think is around 32k USD. I'll be buying in via pokerstars so %'s will be bought via pokerstars client. I played the event last year and busted day 1, the field was tough but I think there is still value.

PM me if interested, %'s are not confirmed unless i respond. tourney is still a few days away and im not 100% sure if i'm going to play it yet.

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up to 10/20!
  MezmerizePLZ, Oct 22 2009

So in keeping with my last blog I've won 20 buyins at each stake 2/4-5/10, and will now be moving up to 10/20$. It took me about 2.5 months, but some of that time I was traveling for EPT barcelona and EPT london, and didn't play any online while there.

I think i've been playing pretty decent, I've been 9 tabling throughout this whole thing and I don't think i play my A game when 9 tabling, but it probably raises my hourly below $10/20. I think for $10/20 I may have to cut back on tables, which should be pretty easy considering I don't think 9 10/20 games run pretty much ever. The 5/10 and 10/20 regs are pretty similar in a lot of ways, and probably have a similar A-game, but the 10/20 regs I believe tend to play their best game and fewer tables far more often than the players at 5/10, who are often mass tabling and being a bit robotic (i'm guilty of it aswell). I've never really grinded much at 10/20 in my poker career, sorta always have played 25/50 and if that wasn't going then i would play 5/10 idk why but I've never felt as comfortable at 10/20 as I was at 5/10 or 25/50.


Biggest $2/4 winner:

Biggest $2/4 Loser:

Biggest $3/6 Winner:

Biggest $3/6 Loser:

Biggest $5/10 Winner:

Biggest $5/10 Loser:

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me + poker
  MezmerizePLZ, Oct 17 2009

Hey guys,

I haven't wrote a blog post in at least a year, or really written anything of any kind of substance for that matter, but now is probably as good a time as any.

Poker has been fairly frustrating the past few months, as I'm trying to recover from a ~200k tiltswing that was a combination of me playing in some tough games that I shouldn't have been playing, combined with tilt and runbad. Whenever on such a big losing streak its never good for my game or my confidence, so I set up a goal for myself before I am going to be playing in any big games.

Basically I decided that I will start playing at $2/4 and once I have acquired 20 buyins I move onto the next stake. So far I've gone through $2/4 and $3/6, and am now grinding away at 5/10. I really like that I've done this and its great for my motivation to have a solid goal to work towards. I am much more motivated to grind lately now because I really want to get back into bigger games, but I've also really grown to like the 2/4 level, and ideally I think what I would do is get back to 25/50 and play when the games are good, but also have enough sick grind in me to play 5/10 or 2/4 when the games aren't so good at the high stakes.

I have always had ego/tilt problems, which in a lot of ways has made me a better player, since it has caused me to challenge myself in tough games, see more showdowns, see how people react differently under pressure etc etc. but it has also cost me a lot of $ most likely. I tend to play longer sessions when I'm losing even if I'm tired and the games aren't great. I've always just relied on my skill to carry me through my tilt. As it is today the players aren't nearly the same, everyone at the 25/50 level is much better at suppressing their tilt and quitting when they aren't playing well or the momentum isn't in their favor, and really the games to be looking to play in at the higher stakes is basically to notice which reg is on tilt and try to capitalize. I figure I'm pretty much through with my nosebleed days online, unless their is a real reason to be in the game. It's virtually impossible to get any kind of decent sample of hands at nosebleeds with a real weak spot in the game. I guess it's worth it though as long as it doesn't effect your ability to play your normal games. I guess I'll think about it more if the opportunity ever arises.

I've always been a pretty big advocate of taking shots as long as it doesn't effect your play at your normal stakes etc. What I find really sick is nanonoko. It makes me wonder if the high stakes is really worth it, which I guess it is if you can win solidly, but I really feel like putting in a lot of hands at lower stakes aswell will certainly add up, but I don't think i have the ability to go for SNE like nanonoko or those guys really. I've considered it and I think it would be very difficult and draining on me, but even if I giveup halfway through the year that could be very beneficial just to get in that many hands in the first half of the year etc.

Yea I didn't really know where I was going with this blogpost I just sorta decided to start writing and see where I ended up lol

I haven't really been working on my PLO game at all recently, due to wanting to get back to the higher stakes NLHE i believe. I'm going to do the same thing 20 buyin moveup in PLO aswell but i have a harder time taking it seriously at the lower stakes than I do holdem for some reason. I've played a fair bit of high stakes PLO and have done decently but I think i'm most likely terrible and have been running hot. I'd love to have a good PLO player to talk to about stuff (anyone successful at the 10/20+?)

Anyway I've also been thinking a lot about picking up some students, not really sure how i'd do it or whatever or if i am interested in long term or only short term, but I figure i would charge $400/hr and coach 2/4-5/10. PM me if interested
Tjbenthams well sorta got me in the mood so i'll answer some random Q's right now if anyone wants


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